Co-Extra Newsletter 2 (16 February 2007)

  • Research Live: What is the future of GMO detection? A freely speaking scientist´s opinion.
  • Research Live: No research in an ivory tower
  • Recent news on co-existence and traceability
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>> Research Live: What is the future of GMO detection? A freely speaking scientist´s opinion.

Drawing lessons from illegal GM rice in the European market

The discovery of the unapproved GMO rice strain LLRice601 on the market in the EU, and the subsequent international responses to this situation, have been a major subject of discussion in science- and consumer-oriented sectors of the European media in the past two months.

As part of our continuing coverage of this event and of other issues relevant to co-existence in Europe, Co-Extra is pleased to publish an interview with Arne Holst-Jensen. Mr Holst-Jensen, a Norwegian-based scientist in the Co-Extra project, is a leading voice in the field of GMO detection methods. For our interview, he draws on his extensive research experience to present his personal views on the state of current detection measures.

Mr Holst-Jensen also gives personal assessments on the developmental direction of detection research - and on a variety of broader issues relevant to consumer protection, co-existence and GM development. These include:

  • the current strengths and weaknesses of EU detection methods;
  • the establishment and implementation of coordinated international standards; and
  • the development of new detection methods (such as multiplex screening tools), their practical application, and their impact on the economy.

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>> Research Live: No research in an ivory tower

In a second interview, René Custers explains why the exchange between researchers and stakeholders is so important - and how Co-Extra handles the matter. René Custers is the Regulatory Affairs Manager at the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology, and coordinates the Co-Extra stakeholder dialogues in Working Packages 8.

The projects addressed by Mr Custers include national stakeholder workshops in seven European countries, EU-wide questionnaires and the Co-Extra stakeholder advisory board.

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>> Recent news on co-existence and traceability

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>> Upcoming events

  • 15th Eurofins International Seminar (Paris/France, 22/02/2007 - 23/02/2007)
  • 5th International Congress on Food Technology (Thessaloniki/Greece, 09/03/2007 - 11/03/2007)
  • Secur`Food 2007 (Avignon/France, 28/03/2007 - 29/03/2007)

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