Co-Extra Content

The Co-Extra Project is structured in 8 workpackages + one WP dealing with the consortium management.

WP0: Consortium management.
Led by INRA Transfert, France.

WP1: This workpackage is aimed at assessing and developing whenever necessary biological tools and methods to allow producers to grow kind of crops they choose with minimised risks of admixture between GM, conventional and organic products.
Led by the Federal Biological Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry, Germany.

WP2: The objective of this workpackage is to describe and model the supply chain structures with aim to propose organization enabling co-existence throughout the feed and food chains.
Led by the National Institute of Agronomical Research, France.

WP3: The workpackage will assess the internal and external costs and benefits generated by the implementation of co-existence and traceability.
Led by the Danish Research Institute of Food Economics, Denmark.

WP4: The objective of this workpackage is to develop the appropriate control plans for the use of selected detection methods.
Led by the Joint Research Centre, Italy.

WP5: The objective of this workpackage is to develop cost-effective and fit for purpose methods and tools for detection of GMO taxa and controls.
Led by the National Institute of Biology, Slovenia.

WP6: This workpackage is focused on the design new technologies to overcome the limits of current methodologies, for instance for detection of unknown GMOs and stacked genes.
Led by the National Veterinary Institute, Norway.

WP7: This workpackage is aimed to integrate the project outcomes to come to the initial development of decision support tools to stakeholders and policy-makers, to define the most appropriate information structures, contents and supports to ensure reliability and costefficiency of documentary traceability, and to assess the reliability of the co-existence and traceability systems from selected third countries (outside the European Union).
Led by the Sheffield Institute of Biotechnological Law & Ethics, United Kingdom.

WP8: This workpackage is to develop the stakeholders dialogue using an internet platform (Co-Extra website) and stakeholder workshops. The set up of regional offices will allow acquiring substantial knowledge on the needs and practices of the stakeholders involved in the various countries. By several means and methods relevant to the stakeholders of the different countries, the outcomes of Co-Extra will be disseminated to the different stakeholders. Links to user-friendly decision support tools for stakeholders will be provided. An editorial office as communication center is to provide a consumer oriented multi target website.
Led by Genius-Biotech A.G., Germany