Workpackage 0: Consortium Management

Workpackage leader

Frédéric Vaissade
INRA Transfert
147, rue de l’Université
PARIS, France

In view of the high level of resources engaged, the scientific and technical complexity of the project that integrates several issues and competences, the large number of partners with different backgrounds and cultures, the Co-Extra partners have set up a sound management structure aimed at addressing efficiently all of those aspects.

Co-Extra management plan is therefore designed to:

  • Ensure timely and qualitative achievement of the project objectives
  • Coordinate at the consortium level the Co-Extra activities especially regarding fulfilment of the quality of the result, timing, and spent resources
  • Provide decision making, quality control and conflict resolution mechanisms to support the project’s consortium and its evolution
  • Support implementation of changes in the activities and the consortium
  • Provide timely and efficient financial and administrative co-ordination of the project
  • Support the management of knowledge, of intellectual property and of other innovation-related activities raising in the project

The consortium management WP is led by INRA Transfert (a company specialised in (i) exploiting research results and innovative technologies and developing them into concrete business opportunities and (ii) management of large European RTD projects). INRA Transfert provides the administrative team supporting the decision-making bodies in project monitoring.

The strategic management level includes four main decision-making levels:

  • IP coordinator (scientific management)
  • Management Board (strategic political and scientific decisions)
  • Executive Committee (programme of activities and operational decisions regarding the project day by day management)
  • General Assembly (ratification of the Management Board decisions and amendments to the Consortium Agreement).