Workpackage 8: Communication And Dialogue

Workpackage leader

Kristina Sinemus
Genius GmbH
Darmstadt, Germany

This workpackage is aimed at building an EU-wide information system on co-existence and traceability in order to share, assess and disseminate data and codes of good practice on facilitating co-existence, and to provide general information to the consumers.
The core element of this information system will be a centralised Web site where all declassified deliverables generated by the internal working packages will be made available to the public. It will also provide links to already existing databases and projects on co-existence and traceability within the EU and at the global level. Facilities for electronic forum and news are foreseen.
This centralised Co-Extra Web site, together with national/regional communication programmes, will provide target group specific information for relevant stakeholders. Such information tools aims at supporting input from and output for the stakeholders and reflect the output of this processes.
Stakeholder dialogues and training modules will provide a deeper and target group specific knowledge about coexistence and traceability.