Extracting DNA from highly processed samples


Quantifying GM content in highly processed ingredients such as refined oils and lecithin is not yet possible. This is because processing steps involve such extreme temperatures and pressures that almost all DNA is destroyed. This task seeks to develop DNA extraction methods that are efficient enough to yield sufficient DNA for quantitative GMO testing.


Details on the approach of this project have not been specified.


Different DNA-extractions from highly refined materials (lecithin and oil) have been investigated in detail. The sample preparation steps as well as the DNA extraction and purification steps were optimized. Both types of samples benefited from a hexane extraction step followed by DNA extraction and purification. The methods have been optimized for maximum DNA recovery and low hands-on time. Standard operating procedures are available for analytical labs that would like to evaluate the procedure or for further validation studies. The procedure for DNA extraction from lecithin has already been in-house validated and the protocol successfully transferred to different labs.


National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB), United Kingdom
Email: info@coextra.eu
Peter Brodman
Biolytix AG, Germany