Co-Extra meetings and conference

Co-Extra annual meeting in York Annual meeting and open session for stakeholders in York (UK), February 2008

Co-Extra annual meeting in York Annual meeting and stakeholder workshop in Buenos Aires (Argentina), March 2009

Co-Extra annual meeting in York Co-Extra Final Conference and stakeholder days in Paris (France), June 2009

Video statements of workpackage leaders on the outcome of Co-Extra

Interview with Joachim Schiemann (Workpackage 1)

WP 1: Biological Approaches For Gene Flow Mitigation
Joachim Schiemann
Julius Kühn-Institut (JKI)
Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants
Institute for Biosafety of Genetically Modified Plants

Interview with Antoine Messean (Workpackage 2)

WP 2: Modelling Supply Chains
Antoine Messéan
Research Unit for the Ecological Impact of Plant Production Innovations
Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique
Versailles, France

Interview with Morton Gylling (Workpackage 3)

WP 3: Economic Costs And Benefits Of Traceability And Coexistence
Morten Gylling
Danish Institute of Food and Resource Economics (KVL)
Frederiksberg C, Denmark

Interview with Roberta Onori (Workpackage 4)

WP 4: Development testing and sampling approaches
Roberta Onori
(Istituto superiore di sanita, ISS)
National Institute of Health
Rome, Italy

Interview with Kristina Gruden (Workpackage 5)

WP 5: Development And Integration Of Analytical Traceability Tools
Kristina Gruden
Dept. of biotechnology and systems biology
National Institute of Biology
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Interview with Torstein Tengs (Workpackage 6)

WP 6: Technical Challenges Of GMO Detection
Torstein Tengs
National Veterinary Institute
(NVI)Oslo, Norway

Interview with Nevena Alexandrova (Workpackage 7)

WP 7: Integration With Respect To Legal, Scientific, Social And Ethical Issues
Nevena Alexandrova
Bulgarian Biotechnology Information Center, (ABI)
Sofia, Bulgaria

Interview with Kristina Sinemus (Workpackage 8)

WP 8: Communication And Dialogue
Kristina Sinemus
Genius GmbH
Darmstadt, Germany